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 The most distinct feature of Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort lies in its original ecology of mountains without any damage to the local environment in the course of development. It retained the original vegetation, only carrying out reform with stores and environment-friendly timber, covered with the naturally-planted local vegetation with little decoration, full of countryside atmosphere. In addition, it’s in strict conformity with the ecological environment-protection concept of “going after nature, returning to nature and inhabiting in nature”. When you come here, breathing the natural oxygen, drinking the sweat spring water and tea, living in the tree house, with pines and bamboo in your eyes and occasional croaking and chirping around your ears, you would enjoy a life of ease.


 Liyang, where Meijie Resort located is a land with milk and honey in the south of China. In addition to the delicious and abundant crops, vegetables, fishes and fruits and so on here, merely the vegetables, fruits, chestnuts and green tea in the Meijie mountains would free your taste bud. The independent Chinese restaurant in the resort mainly provides the local cuisines, many food materials of which are directly picked from the mountains. This is an experience of wild games that shall not be missed.

 Fragrant grass scatters over the trails where you can expect for different scenery. Strolling in the mountains, saying hello to the colorful autumn, enjoying the pleasure of a slow-down pace, opening your lenses to grasp those beautiful flowers, seeing lovely squirrels running through the forest leisurely, birds’ nest hanging over the trees ready for laying eggs, young cicada chirping in low tunes resting on the pines, you can wander in the nature, having fun in the mountains...