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The tree house of the Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort was designed by the Holland designers and constructed by Chinese construction team, situated in the deep areas of the 5A-class Longtan National Forest. The total 31 independent tree houses, cleverly set up amid the Nanshan jungles, were constructed with natural materials with a unique European architectural style. Each house has grown-up plants in front of its doors, so it’s named “tree house”. Field of vision varies in every tree house out of different mountains and orientations, dividing into that close to mountains and that overlook mountains. The large and open balconies and the French windows in it could embrace the whole mountain landscape. Some tree houses enable you to reach out to pick up leaves when windows opened, listen to water gurgling and birds chirping, and smell of the unique fragrance of grass and trees, allowing you to enjoy the forest’s vitality and pleasure even in the room; some unfold for you an oil picture with rolling hills, shimmering lakes, farmlands and peasant families viewing distantly from the balcony and windows.

There are three types of tree houses, able to fully meet family and individual accommodation, equipped with bedroom, balcony, Spa terrace, living room, entertainment room, kitchen, washing room and other facilities. The indoor furniture and soft fitted are matched in an tailor-made way by domestic designers. Fresh, natural and cozy space along with household articles brings guests appropriate comfort.

Except basic living elements like pattern, lightening, ventilation, hot and humidity insulation, guests’ privacy is also taken into full consideration. Maybe only sunshine and starlight that could be able to break into the room at any time, and your happy laughter and whisper shall only be accompanied by breeze or drizzle. In the open terrace, there is a pool full of hot spring deriving from mountains, and you would relax your mind and body in the tender waves in face of a picturesque mountain landscape...