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Hot Spring

In the Meijie mountains hide pools of hot spring, streaming along with hillsides and lying on the meadow, with sky and mountains reflecting in it. Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort invested thousands of funds to distribute over 400 tons of the best natural spring water in the Tianmu Lake introduced from 1788-meter underground to the pools in the peak and within the tree houses every day.

       The spring water is clear and mild, with a temperature up to 48 degrees Celsius, rich in silicon, potassium, calcium, sodium, fluorine, chlorine, bromine and other 20 kinds of minerals and diversified trace elements that are beneficial to health. It’s of a faint smell of rust, conducive to skin care and beauty, health care and disease cure. It must be the most agreeable and relaxing recreation to take a spring bath at daytime with sunshine and breeze around or at night accompanied by the clear moon and stars.


Trees are planted around the spring pools in the pine forest, changing color with seasons. In the Spring and Summer, the green is so rich that seems to be ready to overflow, while till the Autumn and Winter, ginkgo, maple, sassafras trees would bloom their colorful beauty in a patchwork manner. Young birds rest on the trees, naughty squirrels jump through the forest occasionally, heat rises from the spring pools in a season of swirling snow, all seems to be a fairyland.

The spring pools are independent from each other to ensure privacy. Guests can relax themselves with mind absent in face of the mountain landscape or enjoy leisure time with families or friends.

      Yunding Spa Club boasts for unique scenery, its outdoor club in the open air reaching out as if to be crumbing down, overlooking the floating clouds and the dense green forest. SPA beauty therapists are also ready to bring you comfortable and professional water SPA experience in the natural mountains.