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Wuwen Tea Club

         The tea fonder values the environment of tea appreciation as of old: should in exquisite houses, in the cloudy forest, under the pine trees, surrounded by flowers and birds, in a fine day, by the side of green moss, available for well waters, amid the smoky bamboo sea…The Wuwen Tea Club of Meijie mountains is available for all the above.

   Mr. Zhong got acquainted with a couple named as Wuwen who love and understand tea to the full by chance. Therefore, he decided to turn over the club to the couple for free to manage, as his seclusive place to store tea and meet friends. The resort is not responsible for its management and operation. By the trail, on the upper side of the purling stream sits a little bamboo house, behind the house are the sassafras which is yellow in spring and red in winter, in front of the house are the lindens. That’s the Wuwen Tea Club.

  If you come here unintentionally, then just open the door to get in. You will be invited to boil the water and cook the tea, regardless who you are and where you are from. Enjoy the tea with other people, tea heat faintly floating around you, sending out fragrance. Just sit down to have a taste and view the beautiful scenery, leaving the bustling life behind, relaxing yourself in the seldom leisure time. There is no signal here, so just lay aside your troubles and business, only drink tea at ease.