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Butler Service

Butler service in Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort is majorly responsible for providing whole-journey follow-up service for guests living in the tree houses. It places weight on meticulous details, aiming at offering tailored personalized service and really warm hospitality.

Service Procedures:

1. Before arriving:

1. Check the reservation order to keep the right room; check the guest accommodation history to know the guest’s preferences;

2. Communicate with relevant department to follow up timely arrangement in accordance with guests’ preferences;

3. Check the room, dining room and gifts placement 2 hours ahead of guests’ arriving.

2. During Accommodation:

1. Welcome the guests in the hall 10 minutes in advance, make brief self introduction to the guests and lead guests to the room to introduce the resort facilities and tree houses;

2. Send the welcome-tea and free fruits to the guests after entering the room;

3. Assist the reception department closely to arrange cleaning, sorting, bed-making and dining hall inspection, order and table service;

4. According to guests’ requirements, provide daily in-room dining service, laundry service, wake up service, business secretarial services, car, scheduling, commercial meetings, leisure and other services;

5. Observe and collect guests’ preference, dealing with guests’ comments and suggestions properly;

6. Carry out effective communication with other resort departments to follow up or even surpass guests’ expectation;

7. Provide 24-hour careful and considerate service;

3. Before leaving:

1. Know well about the guests’ departure time;

2. Arrange car, wake-up and luggage picking-up service;

3. Inquire about guests’ evaluation towards the resort, ensuring that they leave with satisfaction;

4.  After leaving:

1. Conduct good file management of the guests;

2. Carry out good treatment for guests’ leaving over objects.