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Garden Hotel

      The Nanshan Garden, concealed in the Longtan Forest, is a real depiction of the picturesque southern-river mountains and waters. The garden covers an area of over 1500 acres, with a vertical gap nearly up to 30 meters, proud of its natural ecology, dense forest, natural oxygen bar, clean springs and wealthy land. It is surrounded by the Tianmu Lake, Nanshan Bamboo, Taiji Cave, Yun Lake, Shanjuan Cave and other scenic spots. As the most typical 4A-class countryside tourism destination in the Jiangsu province, it’s your first choice to take holidays, outdoor exercise and driving trip.
  The Nanshan Garden is established in line with the quasi five-star hotel standards, placing luxury in the mountains, quality taste in the scenery and affection in the flowers. Architectures are founded against mountains and waters, quiet and elegant, styled as the European houses. Meeting rooms, catering rooms, guest’s rooms, recover and outdoor recreation facilities are all equipped. The hotel applies the booking, membership operation mode as well as the butler service mode.